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Montblanc Meisterstück Platinum-Coated LeGrand Traveller Fountain Pen

Here, for the Meisterstuck (Masterpiece) range, you can view the entire current range and its specifications and prices. Broadly speaking, there are three main sizes, 145 (Classic), 146 (Le Grande) and 149 (which seems to be called just 149), plus the extra-small Mozart size. Filter down to show just the fountain pens and there are still 31 models to choose from, and that’s just the Meisterstuck line. Then you can chill out at your leisure before wandering into the shops best suited to your preferences and budget.

Or you can do what I did. It involves less planning and foresight, and is more serendipitous. I wandered into a local jewelry store to browse watches. There, I came across a glass counter display of Montblanc writing instruments and stopped to check out the prices. Montblanc Meisterstück Platinum-Coated LeGrand Traveller Fountain Pen This was completely hopeless, as all the pens were covered and there were few clues as to whether there might be a nib or a tumbler inside the cover. This provided the opportunity for a conversation with the assistant, who was happy to show me the pens.

She showed me a Montblanc 145, Meisterstuck Classique Platinum Coated Edition that she showed me and drew a great deal of attention. It is slightly thinner than the 146 and has a smaller nib. Also, it’s a cartridge converter pen, not a piston filler. The platinum coated fittings look really smart for black resin.

Take the pen, the body isn’t too slim for me. replica mont blanc starwalker Capless, at about 122mm, it’s a bit short for me using unposted text, but that’s not a problem as it’s beautifully posted, reaching about 153mm, making the device very comfortable and balanced. All in all, it weighs 21.7 grams. I mostly posted the pen and held it away from the nib.

As morbidly prepared as I was, I at least had a magnifying glass on me and looked closely at the nib. That’s what helped me. I saw a perfectly formed 14k fine polished gold nib, two-tone rhodium plated, with just a hint of daylight between the nib teeth as the gap from the vent to the tip narrowed. The tip material is a work of art. Completely symmetrical, the top of the tip is cut into a circle and the sides cut and smoothed so that it blends perfectly into the pointed teeth. The cusp teeth are of course perfectly aligned. Seeing it is a joy and all indications are that it will write very smoothly and effortlessly. The nib is a medium. Stores don’t seem to be the right place for customers to try to use a fountain pen before making a purchase. To be fair, it’s a jewelry store, but it’s almost as if they don’t understand that fountain pens need ink. And that’s okay. I had the confidence to buy that pen after seeing the nib. I asked for one that I checked out and not have the other in stock.

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