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Writing is a gift: Montblanc’s pens are for a cause

Montblanc has been and will continue to be the number one selling pen in the market and they take that responsibility seriously. In addition to corporate responsibility, there is also a great deal of social responsibility. UNICEF’s Meisterstück fountain pen continues this tradition. Montblanc has been working with UNICEF for 13 years, and this new edition of the pen may be the best work yet.

The most traditional of the UNICEF collections is the replica mont blanc ballpoint pen Classique collection. Can be used in fountains, rollerblades or ballpoint pens. These pieces all feature unique sapphire tops and special letters indicating that this is a special edition. The Doue classique series has a silver lid with the first six letters of the eight major MB-PR-116080 languages. The design commemorates Montblanc and UNICEF’s goal of promoting the text.
The most unique look of all the styles is the Solitare collection. Whenever used, this pen (which can also be used in ballpoint pens, rollerblades or fountains) is bound to be a conversation starter. All characters are on a blue MB-PB-116085 background with silver letters on a different line for each language. There’s nothing like it, and it’s bound to become more of a collector’s item as time goes on.

Montblanc has released two fountain pens as part of the already exquisite Grand Banquet Grande collection: a ballpoint pen and a fountain pen. The fountain pen comes with a 14 K gold nib rhodium-plated inlay, a precious black resin barrel and cap and a platinum-plated clip and ring. As if that wasn’t enough, the true harvest of this diamond is 0.06 carats. Diamond at the top of the pen cap. It seems to be hovering in the air. I mean, it doesn’t get much cooler, sleeker or more original than that. replica mont blanc pen The ballpoint pen has the same remarkable and unique diamond as the fountain pen and all the other features.